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Consultations with political organisations in Rwanda on political and electoral reforms will not take place

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda would like to inform members of the media and the general public that the National Consultative Forum of Political Organisations in Rwanda has today the 29th September 2016 negatively responded to its request for consultations with all political parties and organisations  on matters concerning political and electoral reforms.


Ishyaka Democratic Green Party rishobora kwiyambaza inkiko risaba impinduka mu mategeko

Ishyaka riharanira Demokarasi no kurengera ibidukikije mu Rwanda (Democratic Green Party of Rwanda) riravuga ko ribabajwe cyane no kuba ikigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe imiyoborere (RGB) cyanze ubusabe bwaryo bwerekeye kuvugurara itegeko rigenga amatora n’amashyaka ya politiki mu Rwanda. Mu itangazo iri shyaka ryashyize ahagarara riravuga ko rishobora kwitabaza inkiko.


Democratic Green Party yakuriwe inzira ku murima ihindura umuvuno

Guverinoma y’u Rwanda yakuriye inzira ku murima Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no Kurengera Ibidukikije,Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, ryari ryasabye ivugururwa ry’Itegeko rigenga amatora n’irigenga imitwe ya politiki.

Kuwa 19 Mata 2016, ni bwo Green Party yashyikirije Minisitiri w’Intebe, inyandiko zisaba ivugururwa ry’Itegeko rigenga amatora n’irigenga imitwe ya Politiki, ibyo bikaba byaraje nyuma yo kubisaba Komisiyo y’Amatora kuwa 2 Ukuboza 2014 n’Inteko Ishinga Amategeko kuwa 20 Gashyantare 2016.


Rwanda Government refuses to make political and electoral reforms demanded by the opposition

The Rwandan Government, through the Rwanda Governance Board, the body that registers political parties, negatively responded to the opposition Democratic Green Party of Rwanda’s demands for political and electoral reforms.

The opposition Democratic Green Party of Rwanda had submitted its demands for political and electoral reforms to the Rwandan Prime Minister on 19th April 2016, this was after a failed attempt to the Rwandan Parliament on 20th February 2016 and to the National Electoral Commission on 2nd December 2014. All previous instances produced no positive results.


Green Forum at the Center of the African Greens Success Story

It was during the Second Global Greens Congress in April-May 2008 which took place in Sao Paulo-Brazil, that Green Forum Sweden recommitted itself in support the African Greens Network, as it was called then. Previous efforts in West Africa and East Africa had not been successful and this was a serious cause for concern, since without the continent of Africa, there would not be a Global Greens Movement.


DGPR Conducted a Leadership Training in Rwamagana District and Established Party Structures

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is pleased to inform members of the media and the general public that it successfully conducted a leadership training for party members in Rwamagana District and established party structures.

The trainings were conducted between 3rd -11th September 2016, with support from the National Consultative Forum of Political Organisations in Rwanda.

The trainings focused on the following themes:

-        Political competition: elections, rules and regulations during electoral campaigns


Africa most affected by climate change – African Greens President

As the founding president of the African Greens Federation, how far can you say the Federation has gone in achieving its vision of ensuring green principles and values are respected on the continent?

We started the federation in April 2010, at the time we only had one regional federation in West Africa. However, by the end of 2014, we had established five regional federations on the African continent.


Green Party iratabariza abanya Kayonza n'abandi Banyarwanda bugarijwe n'ikibazo cy’inzara

Umuyobozi w’ishyaka Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Dr. Frank Habineza mu izina ry’ishyaka ahagarariye yasabye Leta y’ u Rwanda gukemura ikibazo cy’inzara kivugwa mu karere ka Kayonza ndetse n’ahandi yaba iri hose mu gihugu.

Abinyujije ku rukuta rwe rwa twitter, kuri uyu wa 16 Kamena 2016, Umuyobozi w’ishyaka Green Party Dr.Frank Habineza yasabye Leta y’ u Rwanda kugoboka abaturage bugarijwe n’ikibazo cy’inzara cyane cyane mu karere ka Kayonza ndetse n’ahandi kiri mu gihugu hose.


The Return of Rwanda’s Exiled King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa a key pillar to achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda recently called upon the Rwandan Government to help bring back the exiled last Rwandan King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa, who was overthrown in 1961 and currently lives in the United States of America. The King’s return is a key factor for achieving sustainable peace and stability as well as several Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs).

SDG Goal number 16 states: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.


Rwanda: le Parti Democratic Vert demande le retour au pays du roi en exil

Le Parti Démocratique Vert du Rwanda, mouvement d’opposition, demande le retour à Kigali du dernier roi du pays. Selon les Verts, le roi Kigeli, qui vit en exil depuis qu’il a été renversé en 1961, devrait être autorisé à rentrer. Aux yeux de cette formation, le souverain déchu devrait être traité avec les égards dus à un ex-chef d’Etat.

C’est une monarchie dont les origines remontent au Moyen Âge. Les rois du Rwanda ou mwamis ont régné sur les mille collines, et parfois au-delà, jusqu’au renversement du dernier monarque en 1961.