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General News

New Year's Message: African Greens Federation will grow stronger in 2017.

The African Greens Federation wishes to thank all its members and partners for the great achievements realized during 2016 and looks forward to greater accomplishments in 2017.

During 2016, AGF strengthened and consolidated its regional structures by conducting several capacity building workshops and congresses in all the different five African regions.


East African Greens Federation held Campaigns, Election and Women trainings as well as an Ordinary Congress in Kigali, Rwanda

The Eastern Africa Greens Federation successfully trained member parties on elections and campaigns and held a women training workshop in Kigali, Rwanda from 13th to 16th 2016. These events were hosted by the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda.

Most participants confessed that the training was very relevant and greatly enhanced their skills in campaigning and elections winning.

EAGF also had an ordinary congress, which immediately took place after the training. The congress approved new members: Afro-greens Party of Kenya and Burundi Green Movement.


Democratic Green Party's Political Bureau Nominates Dr.Frank Habineza as Presidential Candidate

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda’s political bureau, today, 17th December 2016, nominated Dr.Frank Habineza, the party leader as its flag bearer in the upcoming presidential elections planned for 3rd and 4th August 2017.

This decision was arrived at after numerous deliberations within the party’s political bureau, commenced on 5th March 2016.  The official confirmation of the presidential candidate will be done by the party’s congress, which will be organised before end of March 2017.


Congratulations to the former Austrian Greens Leader for winning Presidential elections

On behalf of the African Greens Federation and the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, we gladly congratulate the former Austrian Greens Leader, Mr.Alexander Van der Bellen, for winning the presidential elections.

His win is a wonderful source of hope for the international greens family. We wish him the best in his upcoming duties.

Dr.Frank Habineza


African Greens Federation/Democratic Green Party of Rwanda


A legally binding international treaty on climate change should be the ultimate target

Marrakech, Morocco hosted the 22nd Conference of Parties for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC)-COP22 between 7th-18th November 2016. This conference also acted as the first session of the conference of Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA 1), which entered into force on 4th November.


DGPR Establishes Structures in Nyabihu District

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is pleased to inform its members and the general public, that it successfully established party structures in Nyabihu District in the Western Province and trained its members from 12th -20th November 2016.

This process is party of the party’s efforts to establish structures in the whole country and prepare for the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections.


DGPR trained its members in Rulindo district and elected district leaders.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda successfully finalised a leadership training for party members in Rulindo district. The training started on 22nd October and finalised on 6th November 2016.

Members also elected the party district committee, which will oversee the formation of other party structures in Rulindo District.

The training offered skills in management of political conflicts, rules and regulations regarding elections and electoral campaigns, women involvement in decision making organs, gender issues and partnerships between the private sector and Government.


Leta y’u Rwanda yasubije ishyaka rya Green Party ku bijyanye no gutabariza Umwami Kigeli V Ndahindurwa

Nyuma y’amasaha make Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no Kurengera Ibidukikije mu Rwanda (DGPR), Green Party, risabye Leta y’u Rwanda ko Umugogo w’Umwami Kigeli V Ndahindurwa wazanwa mu Rwanda ukaba ari naho utabarizwa(Gushyingurwa) rivuga ko nta Mwami utabarizwa Ishyanga,Guverinoma y’u Rwanda yagaragaje ko yababajwe n’itanga ry’Umwami Kigeli V Ndahindurwa, ndetse ishimangira ko yiteguye gutanga ubufasha bwose bwa ngombwa ku bijyanye no kumutabariza(Gushyingura).


Ishyaka Democratic Green Party rirasaba Leta yu Rwanda gufasha ko Umwami Kigeli V Ndahindurwa atabarizwa mu Rwanda

Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no Kurengera Ibidukikije mu Rwanda (DGPR), rirasba Leta y’u Rwanda gufasha kuzana  Umugogo w’Umwami Kigeli V Ndahindurwa mu Rwanda ukaba ari naho utabarizwa mu cyubahiro nk’umuntu wigeze kuyobora igihugu, kandi akaba yaranaharaniye ubwigenge bwu Rwanda kuva m'ubukoloni. Kuwa 31/05/2016 DGPR, yasabye Leta y'U Rwanda korohereza Umwami gutaha mu Rwanda ariko akaba atanze bidakunze.


Rwandan Last Monarch has passed away in USA: DGPR Requests the Rwandan Government to Repatriate his body and accord him a state funeral.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, is very saddened to hear the bad news of the passing away, of the Last Rwandan Monarch, King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa, yesterday in the United States of America, where had been exiled. The party had requested the Rwandan Government to facilitate the King’s return to the country on 31st May 2016.