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General News

Political Bureau of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

The Political Bureau of DGPR is composed of the 9 Central Executive Committee members ( CEC), 13 Commisioners with the Commisioner General and 6 representatives from each of the 5 provinces, including the City of Kigali. The Central Executive Commitee and Commisionner make up the National Executive Commitee. The Political bureau is the second supreme organ of the party after the Congress and has a total number of 52 persons. Thier full details are as follows:


      DGPR’s Central Executive Committee:


DGPR's National Political Programme unveiled.



We, the founding members of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda require the Government of Rwanda to operate within the limits set forth in the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda.


As Green Democrats, we believe:

Non-violence and peaceful means of conflict resolution are the best solutions to national problems.



Democratic Green Party of Rwanda's new Song

Democratic Green Party of Rwanda's new song. It was unveiled on 29th August 2013 at the party headquaters during the flag raising ceremony.


Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has Raised its Party Flag

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has today the 29th of August 2013 raised its party flag, at its main office in Kigali, Rwanda.

This flag raising ceremony takes place, three weeks after getting official recognition by the Rwandan Government.

This event is of great significance to the party since it marks the beginning of political activities in the Republic of Rwanda.


DGPR will not Participate in the Upcoming Parliamentary Elections.

The newly registered Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, wishes to inform the general public that, it will not be able to participate in the September 2013 parliamentary elections.

The party finds it not possible to have all the necessary requirements for the upcoming parliamentary elections, given the set deadline to submit the list of candidates.

DGPR will prepare for the local elections in 2016 and the presidential elections in 2017.


Done at Kigali, 12th August 2013

Dr.Frank Habineza

President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda


Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has officially been Registered.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is pleased to inform all its party members, well-wishers, members of the media and the general public that it has finally received its registration certificate from Rwanda Governance Board, today, 9th August 2013.

This is a very important step forward in the democratisation process of Rwanda. The struggle to get the party registered has taken four years. The Party was officially launched on 14th August 2009 and journey has been very tough.


Party Communique: Official Request for Registration as a Political Party Submitted

We are pleased to inform all party members, members of the media and the general public, that today, 26th July 2013 at 12:03 PM, we finally submitted to Rwanda Governance Board the official request to register the  Democratic Green Party of Rwanda as a political party in the Republic of Rwanda.


Rwanda Democratic Green Party's founding Congress was a Great Success


The Founding Congress of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda which took place on 21st June 2013, was a great success.

The Congress had over 1000 delegates from the 30 districts of Rwanda. All the districts had more than the 5 people required by law.

The Congress approved the party constitution, Internal rules and regulation and the Central Executive Committee.

Members signed on several party documents infront-of the Public Notary.


Permission Granted by Gasabo District to hold Party Founding Congress

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda wishes to inform party members, the general public and the media fraternity, that it has finally received the permission to hold its founding congress from Gasabo District.

We had submitted a new request to the District Mayor on 5th June 2013, explaining measures taken to move the party registration process forward.

The Party’s founding congress shall take place on Friday, 21st June 2013 in the ‘Salle Polyvallente la Verdana-Kimironko’, ex-Casabonita, 50 metres past Kibagabaga Road before Kimironko prison.



North African Greens Federation Established and Other Important Achievements

The representatives of North African Green Parties from Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco who met in Cairo-Egypt from 6th -9th June 2013, unanimously decided to establish the North African Greens Federation (NAGF).

The Headquarters of this regional federation shall be located in Cairo-Egypt and the secretariat shall be hosted by the Egyptian Green Party.

Elected Executive Committee