Solidarity with Swedish Greens will Enhance Democratic Struggle in Africa | Rwanda
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Solidarity with Swedish Greens will Enhance Democratic Struggle in Africa

Solidarity with the international Greens, especially the Greens in Rwanda and Africa was one of the key milestones achieved from the just concluded Swedish Green Party National Congress held in Karlstad. The Congress attended by over 1000 delegates also elected new Party Leaders (Spokespersons) : Parliamentarians : Åsa Romson (female) and Gustav Fridolin (male).

'We need new rules on arms exports that create transparency and prevent the use of bribes, even the weapons supporters in parliament begin to realize that arms exports to undemocratic regimes are wrong. But even arms to democracies have problems. Especially when business is mixed into a dirty game at all costs to export JAS-plane (hunting attack fighting plane). TV4's revelations about the South Africa deal is a prime example. Sweden must allow investigation of suspected bribery in connection with this JAS-plane business in South Africa' said Hon.Åsa Romson

'International solidarity and democracy is a main concern to us, we shall continue to support democracy in Rwanda and Africa at large', said Hon. Åsa Romson

'It is our sincere desire that democracy and peace prevail in Rwanda', said, Hon. Gustav Fridolin

Frank Habineza, Leader of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and the African Greens Federation, spoke to the Congress and made two presentations on Africa and Rwanda.

He congratulated the newly elected leaders and emphasized the need to focus much more on democracy in Rwanda as well as Africa.

'On behalf of the Greens in Rwanda and in Africa, I would like to request you to continue supporting democratic movements throughout the African continent and to never support dictatorship regimes in Africa', Habineza, said.

He extended an invitation to the newly elected party leaders to the third Global Greens Congress, which will be held in Dakar, Senegal, March 2012.

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Eva Goës, Chairperson, Green Forum and Former Party Spokesperson :