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The Leader of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, clarifies on different slander stories published by RUSHYASHYA Newspaper in January and February 2011.


The Editor –in- Chief, Rushyashya Newspaper,

After the publication of different news stories in Rushyashya Newspaper defaming the party and its leader, we would like to make the following clarifications :

1. RUSHYASHYA Newspaper, Vol.99 of 20-30 January 2011, on both its first and second pages published an article of an alleged list of organisations and individuals whom it claims will be making Kayumba and Karegyeya's Government and put the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda on it. We would like to inform the Rwandan public and all those who read that article that this information is not true. We are not aware of that list and our party has not made or signed any agreement with the concerned people/parties.

2. The same Newspaper, on its 10th page had a big title : Rwanda Green Party Leader Living in a Refugee Camp in Sweden (Umuyobozi wa Rwanda Green Party mu nkambi y'impunzi muri Suede). We would like to inform you that this information is not correct. The reasons that led the Green Party Leader to travel to different European countries were made known and published in different newspapers as well as aired out on BBC Great Lakes service. He is in Sweden on official duties, he is not living in a secret place, if any one wishes to visit him, he/she is welcome. This Newspaper therefore, made malicious propaganda aimed at defaming the party Leader. The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has started preparing itself for the forthcoming Parliamentary elections.

3. RUSHYASHYA Newspaper, Vol.100, 8-20 February 2011, both on its first and second page put an article claiming the existence of 5000 Soldiers trained to attack Kigali, and mentioned that the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda collaborates with RUD-URUNANA (Rally for Unity and Democracy) in mobilising that armed group. We would like to let everyone know that this is a naked lie, we have no contact or agreement with RUD URUNANA.

4. In the same article, the Newspaper writes that Green Party Leader, Frank Habineza, has become a tool for those fighting the ruling party-RPF from within. This is slander and malicious propaganda. Frank Habineza is the one who championed to start the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda in August 2009, he was having that idea since 2003. We can give concrete information on that, since many people have been aware of that and can testify. Green Party Leader has a wide range of experience in environmental management activities and equally as an advocate for democracy. He is a graduate of Public Administration from the National University of Rwanda in Butare. He was trusted with leading the African Greens Federation and represents Africa in the Global Greens Coordination. We would like to request this Newspaper to never again defame us or implicate our parents in Rwandan politics.

Like all other political parties in Rwanda, those wishing to be members or supporters of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and ready to abide by its statutes and the laws of the country are welcome.

5. In conclusion, we would like to remind you that the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda left the Consultative Council it shared with FDU Inkingi and PS Imberakuri on 28th December 2010 for reasons that we explained and published in the Rwandan media. Examples are : IGIHE.COM :, Radio Contact FM :, Rwanda News Agency : , and several other Radio stations aired this out. That decision was reached after a careful analysis of the past and the future perspective of the party, while remembering our slain Vice President, Andre Kagwa RWISEREKA.

Please endeavour to contact us next time before publishing any story about us. It's not proper for you to indulge us in activities which are not ours. You can get us on this telephone number : +46737588927

Issued on 22/2/2011

Thank you Very much

Frank Habineza,

Founding President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda