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France strongly condemns the death of an opponent Rwanda

France “condemns with the utmost firmness” the killing of Andrew Kagwa Rwisereka, Senior Vice-President of the Democratic Party Green Rwanda, said Thursday, July 15 the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

France “calls on the Rwandan authorities to shed full light on the circumstances of this heinous murder and bring those responsible to justice,” he said during a press briefing the spokesperson of the Quai d’Orsay, Bernard Valero.

“Beyond this necessary duty of justice, it is up to the Rwandan authorities to ensure a pre-election context that respects fundamental freedoms and democratic rules,” he added. The body of Andre Kagwa Rwisereka was found Wednesday in a marsh south of the country.

The Democratic Party Green Rwanda was launched in August 2009 by defectors from the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), currently in power. The party is not officially registered and accused the regime of President Paul Kagame for having refused to accept the sole purpose of preventing him from participating in the presidential election on 9 August.

Request international investigation

Three opposition parties in Rwanda on Thursday demanded “an independent international investigation into the murder of Andre Kagwa Rwisereka.

The three formations, grouped within the Collaborative Council permanent opposition parties in Rwanda (CPC), “ask an independent international investigation into the murder of Andre Rwisereka Kagwa, a key figure in the opposition” in a statement received by AFP in Nairobi.

The text was signed by Victoire Ingabire, President of United Democratic Forces (UDF), Frank Habineza, chairman of the Democratic Party Green Rwisereka which was the first Vice-President, and Theobald Mutarambirwa, Secretary General of the Socialist Party (PS) IMBERAKURI.

The UDF and the Democratic Party Green are not yet recognized by the Rwandan authorities. The Socialist Party, meanwhile, is officially registered, but its original chairman, Bernard Ntaganda, was recently expelled from the party, and imprisoned.

The Rwandan lawyer who, like Victory Ingabire, announced his decision to run for president of 9 August was accused of “terrorism”. Under judicial review, it is Victory Ingabire prosecuted for aiding and abetting terrorism and negation of the Tutsi genocide of 1994.

The three also are demanding that the June 24 murder of independent journalist Jean Leonard Rugambage be likewise subject to “an independent international investigation. They also demand the release of Mr. Ntaganda and the abandonment of the proceedings against him.” We urge the government of Rwanda to use all means possible to ensure that peace and tranquility prevailed before and after the presidential election of August, “the statement added.