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Nile Basin

Nyabarongo River is being wrecked by human, industrial waste, says report

A new research has established that at 47.8 per cent household waste is the leading cause of pollution in Nyabarongo River. Household waste mainly comprised of rubbish, garbage and sewage enter Nyabarongo River through the ravine Nyabugogo swamp that connects to it.  With a length of 351 km, Nyabarongo is Rwanda’s major and longest river. 


Quality Of Nyabarongo Water Deteriorating – Research

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has launched research findings that show unusual  high levels of water pollution for the Nile Basin Area in Rwanda, especially in the Nyabarongo and Akagera rivers.

The study unveiled this Sunday, was conducted from April-October 2021 by several scientists headed by Dr. Jean Damascene Gashumba assisted by Jean Marie Vianey Mwiseneza, all from the Party’s Environmental Committee.


Democratic Green Party Launched Research Findings on Water Pollution for the Nile Basin Area in Rwanda

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda launched research findings on Water Pollution study on the Nile Basin area in Rwanda-Case study, River Nyabarongo on 16th October 2021. The study was done between April-Otober 2021. It was conducted by several party scientists headed by Dr.Jean Damascene Gashumba who was deputized by the Party’s Environmental Commissioner, Jean Marie Vianey Mwiseneza.