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Eulogy for Prof.PAPA MEISSA DIENG / Hommage à Prof.PAPA MEISSA DIENG

Eulogy for Prof.PAPA MEISSA DIENG (Senegal)

A baobab of Ecology in Africa is gone’

The entire family of the African greens federation (AGF) is in deep sorrow after the sudden death, on Friday August 20, 2021 of the Professor, Papa Meissa DIENG, formerly President of the “Convergence des Ecologistes du Senegal” (CES), founding member of the Federation of African Green political parties and its former Secretary General.


Rwanda’s Green Party sees Positive outcomes from Global Alliance for a Green New Deal

he Democratic Green Party of Rwanda finds that the existence of Global Alliance for a Green New Deal will play an important role in climate crisis and the crisis of inequalities which are inextricably linked.

Dr. Frank Habineza, Opposition MP and President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and member of the Global Alliance for a Green New Deal said on Monday, July 19, 2021 that “The Alliance is timely because it has been launched just four months ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, the aim is to put the Green New Deal on the global agenda”


Global Alliance for a Green New Deal Launched


-        With IPPC expected to say we are closer to 1.5 degree temperature rise than previously thought, new alliance vows to drive the Green New Deal up the global agenda

-        Members include politicians from every corner of the globe from the world’s biggest nations to island states


Le Parti Democratique Vert du Rwanda recommande que le nombre des Députés au Parlement augmente de vingt membres

Le Parti Democratque Vert du Rwanda ou Green Party  recommande que le nombre des Députés au Parlement rwandais augmente de vingt membres, pour atteindre cent Députés, selon le Président de Green Party, Dr Frank Habineza.


Ishyaka Democratic Green Party ririfuza ko umubare w’abadepite wakongerwa hakanavugururwa uko amatora y’inzego z’ibanze akorwa

Ishyaka riharanira Demokarasi no kurengera ibidukikije, Democratic Green Party ririfuza ko hahindurwa uburyo bwakurikizwaga bwo kwinjira mu nteko ishinga amategeko ku mitwe ya politike n’abakandida bigenga kuko itegeko rikurikizwa ari iryo mu mwaka wa 2003 kandi ubu abaturage bariyongereye.

Mu biganiro abarwanashyaka b’iri shyaka bagiranye ndetse bari batumiyemo itangazamakuru, bavuze ko kuba mu Rwanda [hagikurikizwa Itegeko Nshinga ryo muri 2003, kandi umubare w’abanyarwanda wiyongereye bityo bakaba batakigira ababahagararira bahagije, nkuko byari bimeze icyo gihe]


Green Party irifuza ko umubare w’Abadepite wiyongera, abayobozi b’inzego z’ibanze bo bagaturuka mu mashyaka

Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no kurengera ibidukikije (Democratic Green Party of Rwanda) ryifuza ko umubare w’Abadepite batorwa mu Nteko Ishinga Amategeko wava kuri 80 ukagera ku 100 kugira ngo babashe gutanga umusaruro nk’uko bikwiye.Ubusanzwe Inteko Ishinga Amategeko y’u Rwanda, igizwe n’abadepite 80 n’abasenateri 26.

Ishyaka rya Green Party, kuri uyu wa Gatandatu tariki ya 22 Gicurasi 2021 mu kiganiro ryagiranye n’itangazamakuru, ryatangaje ko ryifuza ko umubare w’Abadepite wiyongera bakava kuri 80 bakaba nibura 100 kugira ngo barusheho kuzuza inshingano bakorera abaturage.


Gusangira ubutegetsi bigabanya imyuka mibi-Dr.Frank Habineza

Mu nama nyunguranabitekerezo ku mavugurura yifuzwa mu bijyanye n’amatora (Dialogue Meeting on Electroral Reforms in Rwanda ) yabaye kuri uyu wa Gatandatu, Tariki ya 22 Gicurasi 2021, ihuje abarwanashyaka b’ishyaka riharanira Demokarasi no kurengera ibidukikije (Democratic Green Party of Rwanda). Umuyobozi waryo Dr Frank Habineza yavuze ko gusangira ubutegetsi bigabanya imyuka mibi.


DGPR Declaration: Electoral Reforms Required for a Sustainable Peaceful Democratic Society in Rwanda

The National Executive Committee of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda held a dialogue meeting on the necessary electoral reforms on 22nd May 2021 and thereafter had a press conference with different media houses in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Democratic Green Party resolved to once again call upon the concerned Rwandan authorities to consider the following electoral reforms before the next elections cycle:


Earth Day Celebration Rwanda: Urgent Action on Water Pollution and Waste Dumping is needed.

Today is #EarthDay2021 the main theme is Restore our Earth. Yesterday, 21st April, a team from the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, visited River Nyabugogo, which flows in into River Nyabarongo-the distant source of River Nile. This river runs through Kigali City, near Kigali main Bus Park in Nyabugogo. It is affected by several bussiness activities, that including car garages, restourants, shops, and the sorrounding communities. A lot of household waste is directly dumped into the river and part of its catchment has become a dump-site.


Green Party Celebrates “Positive Step” As Government Abandons Exorbitant Property Taxes

The opposition Democratic Green Party of Rwanda on Wednesday called for a ‘lasting solution’ after its campaign against hiked property tax bore fruit.

The Finance Minister Dr Uzziel Ndagijimana announced Tuesday late evening that government had decided to suspend implementation of taxes on land and property which had come into force in 2019.