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General News

AGF-FEVA is now officially registered in Burkina Faso.


African Greens Federation is now Legally Registered


I have a great pleasure to announce the official registration of the African Greens Federation ( AGF)/ La Federation des Verts Africains ( FEVA), which was done  yesterday, the, 29th of June 2012 in, Ouagadougou,  Burkina Faso.



Democratic Struggle in Rwanda - CHOGM presentation

Watch the Video presentation for CHOGM

Frank Habineza Invites you to the 3rd Global Greens Congress in Dakar

The President of African Greens Federation, Frank Habineza, warmly welcomes you all to the 3rd Global Greens Congress in Senegal. This will be the first one to be held in Africa. Other details can be found from:, and


Call on President Kagame to help end security threats in Rwanda

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has learned with great sadness the news of the deaths and causalities of the recent grenade attack in Kigali on 3rd January 2012.

We are very shocked that this is the second grenade attack falling near our party offices in Remera-Kigali. The last one was thrown just 100 metres away and this recent one has also been close.


Commonwealth must not give up on Human Rights

Friends of Rwandan Greens (FoRG) express their disappointment that CHOGM ruled out the recommendation of the Eminent Persons Group to set up a Human Rights Commissioner.

"We are saddened that despite the almost unanimous support of the Commonwealth civil society and particular nations – including Australia – CHOGM could not reach consensus to appoint a Human Rights Commissioner," said Frank Habineza, President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda.


For Rwanda’s sake, the Commonwealth must get relevant

The President of the Opposition Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Frank Habineza has travelled to Australia to share with the Commonwealth family what is happening in Rwanda, because in his own country he cannot speak out. Mr Habineza's Party Vice-President was murdered in suspicious circumstances before the 2010 election.


Rwanda at risk of becoming another Zimbabwe

Australia and other Commonwealth Governments naively believed admission to the Commonwealth would support Rwanda's path to democracy, but human rights abuses have continued and worsened, President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Frank Habineza, and Australian Greens Leader, Bob Brown, warned today.

"The Commonwealth should take action or risk Rwanda becoming another Zimbabwe. Without swift action, the calls will become louder to suspend the Commonwealth's newest member," Senator Brown said.


Friends of Rwandan Greens call on Commonwealth to end political impasse in Rwanda

Friends of Rwandan Greens (FoRG) call upon the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth, Australia, to prevail on the Government of Rwanda and ensure that democracy and human rights are upheld and end the political impasse in the country.

''Rwanda was permitted to join the Commonwealth in 2009 despite serious concerns being expressed by the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda," said Frank Habineza, President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, speaking from Sweden.


Acceptance Speech for African leader in Innovation & Sustainability Award

Frank Habineza's Acceptance Speech :

African leader in Innovation & Sustainability Award from Pilot International

Representative of the Office of President Republic of Uganda, Representative Office of Vice President, Republic of Gambia, Hon. Ministers, Hon. Presidential Advisors, Excellences, President and CEO Pilot International, Members of the Award Committee, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

First of all, I wish to recognize all the people to whom an especial reference is due and that is all of you dear ladies and gentlemen gathered tonight.


Frank Habineza Wins:African Leader in Innovation & Sustainability Award

Pilot International, A Global Private-sector driven organization based in Uganda, whose purpose is to promote global sustainable development for the benefit of humanity and the Planet, has announced 3 Global icons in innovation and sustainability as the winners of the 2011 Global Pilot Awards.

Frank Habineza, the President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and President of the African Greens Federation emerged as the winner of the "African leader in Innovation & Sustainability Award".