AGF-FEVA is now officially registered in Burkina Faso. | Rwanda
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AGF-FEVA is now officially registered in Burkina Faso.

AGF members in Dakar
AGF members in Dakar

African Greens Federation is now Legally Registered


I have a great pleasure to announce the official registration of the African Greens Federation ( AGF)/ La Federation des Verts Africains ( FEVA), which was done  yesterday, the, 29th of June 2012 in, Ouagadougou,  Burkina Faso.


We are grateful to our First Vice President, Mr.Adama Sere, who has worked tirelessly to make this registration process a success, thanks also goes to our host-party leadership, (Rassemblement Des Ecologistes du Burkina Faso) and it's President, Mr.Ram Ouedraogo.


This is a great step forward. We shall achieve much more.


Congratulations to all the entire AGF membership.


Frank Habineza


AGF-FEVA, President



AGF members in Dakar