Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, 2022 End of Year Message and Aspirations for 2023 | Rwanda
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Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, 2022 End of Year Message and Aspirations for 2023

As we come to the close of the year 2022, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda [DGPR] wishes to appreciate the Government for the measures which were put in place to combat COVID 19, which proved effective and we were able to resume party activities in the whole country since May.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, was able to establish Women and Youth structures at district level in all the 30 dsitricts of the country. We also conducted trainings for those structures on different topics, including; party ideology, gender equality, democracy, elections and environmental protection.

DGPR was also able to strengthen existing party structures at district level and members elected new leaders in some districts where it was necessary.  

In April, this year, the party was also able to send 15 women to Nairobi-Kenya for a bilateral women leaders training facilitated by the Swedish Green Party. Green women were trained on different political topics which included; economy and culture.

We are also grateful to the National Consultative Political Organizations Forum in Rwanda [NFPO] which trained 30 of our women from different districts and also 8 youth from Kigali City and Western Province in the Youth Political Leadership Academy, four were girls and four were boys. Other participants came from different Political Parties.

Parliamentarians representing the party in both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate made advocacy on different policies, programs and legislations, on key issues benefitting the population. A lot has been published in the media and we are grateful the media fraternity for keeping the democracy banner raised in Rwanda.

We are hopeful that 2023, will equally be a great year, we shall continue: strengthening party structures in the country, capacity building of party members, collaboration with different stakeholders and sectors, implementation of various party strategies, advocating for reforms or changes of government programs and policies in favor of citizens’ better welfare and environmental sustainability.

We shall prepare for and participate in the upcoming Parliamentary elections due in August 2023. We shall also continue preparation for the next presidential elections due in August 2024.

On behalf of Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, we wish to thank you all for supporting us and promoting the democracy and wellbeing of Rwandans.

Please accept our best wishes to you and your families for a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year 2023.


President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda