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DGPR Calls for Improved Social Welfare for the Survivors of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis.

DGPR's Barner
DGPR's Barner

During this upcoming period of the 20th Commemoration of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda wishes to express its comfort with the survivors of that genocide.

DGPR would like to take on this opportunity to call upon the Rwandan Government to expedite plans to provide shelter, food and education to the survivors, since it’s evident that even after twenty years some survivors have nowhere to sleep, no means of survival in a normal life. 

DGPR demands an urgent attention to the elderly survivors who were left with no offspring or relatives. Most of them do not have physical strengths and no means of survival. We call for a special fund and or a project for the elderly at the community level, which will help to address this problem.

DGPR plans to visit and support different families during this commemoration period.

Done at Kigali, 01/4/2014


DGPR President

DGPR's Barner