Green Party promises to make a plea for small businesses to have access to the Post-COVID-19 Recovery Fund | Rwanda
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Green Party promises to make a plea for small businesses to have access to the Post-COVID-19 Recovery Fund

The opposition Democratic Green Party of Rwanda promises to make a plea for small businesses that have been affected by COVID-19 to have access to the 100 billion Frw Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery Fund, according to Party President Dr. Frank Habineza.

"The conditions of access to this Fund limit the small farmer or informal trader who had a credit of 500 000 Frw to one million Frw, and who can no longer restart his business because of the losses related to COVID-19. "It seems that it is the big companies and hotels that will benefit from this fund of 100 mds Frw. That's why Green party  wishes for all those in the informal sector to have access to this fund" said Dr. Frank Habineza.

He made the remarks during the communication training and meeting  of Political Bureau members of the Green Party,  which was reviewing public access to information  to deal with COVID pendamic. It was necessary to assess whether information on COVID-19 was well disseminated. 

"We will verify if they are still people detained as a result of COVID-19 so that they can be released. Similarly, there are concerns that the country is accumulating more debts that will weigh on the future of the population. Information will be provided for further clarification. The other aspect concerns the present five-month long school term, which will likely require more budget, while the Ministry of Education hasnt decided on its reduction or increase of school fees. Similarly, some schools have started charging ten thousand Frws for the purchase of masks per student, but parents' incomes are limited," said the Green Party President.

He was pleased that his party had now reached maturity and that one of its members had just been elected a Senator by the Forum of Political Parties.

"It is a sign of a renewed confidence by partner parties and all Rwandans. Our candidate will work for the entire population and breath young blood into the Senators team, which is also made up of dynamic young Senators. We hope that we will get intergrated into all other organs of the state, including diplomacy. In the next local elections, our members will be  encouraged to run for certain positions " said the Green Party President.

He welcomed the results achieved by his party. Already the teacher's salary has been increased by 20% per year. Green Party ran a campaign to increase the pay of the soldiers and the policemen. He revealed that reliable information reports that the soldier's salary has been increased by 75%, and that of the police officers by 50%.

During that day, Green Party confirmed that 100 new members have joined the party.

Elections were also held on the same day to establish the Conflict Resolution Committee within the Green Party. Three men and two women now form the Office of this Committee. (End) / Article edited