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The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is pleased to inform its members, the Rwandan public and the International Community at large, its new Executive Committee and new party strategies.

The New Executive Committee is composed of :

Position and Names

1. President, Mr. Frank HABINEZA

2. First Vice President, Mr. Andre RWISEREKA KAGWA

3. Second Vice President, Ms. Jeanine UWINEZA

4. Secretary General, Ms. Didacienne KANGEYO

5. Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Jean Claude NTEZIMANA

6. Treasurer General, Mr. Alexis MUGISHA

7. Deputy Treasurer General, Ms. Carine MAOMBI

8. Communication Secretary, Ms. Diane MUYISENGE

The new Secretary General, Ms. Didacienne KANGEYO is a former member of Social Democratic Party (PSD), she worked at the Party Headquarters, as a National Permanent Secretary, for 6 years, since 2002-2008. Her brother NGANGO Felician, was a founder member and former First Vice President of PSD, he was assassinated in 1994 during the genocide. She joined the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, in October 2009 ; she is a mother of three, and a Social Scientist by profession.

The other new entrants are : Ms. Diane MUYISENGE (Communication Secretary) and Ms. Carine MAOMBI (Deputy Treasurer General).


1. We have resolved not to do a party congress in order to get registered. This comes two months after we petitioned the Ministry of Local Government to intervene, and after having met them once, and after three planned appointments were cancelled due to some emergencies on the MINALOC side, we have not been able to find a lasting solution for a peaceful congress as had been requested by Gasabo District.

2. The Law for Political Parties, does not require a party to have a congress in order to get registered, but requires the signatures of party members to be notified/certified by a public Notary. The Party Congress only helps to bring many people at a certain day and sign the documents at the same time. We shall therefore take our members, on different occasions to a Government Notary to certify our documents and then take the dossier to the Ministry of Local Government for registration. This way, we hope that our security will be guaranteed, since we shall be taking very small numbers, required by the Law to the Public Notary.

3. The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, had no chance to present its political program to the Rwandan population, due to the different problems it faced in quest for registration. We are now going to concentrate more on our Green principles, which are : Participatory Democracy, Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Non Violence, Respect for Diversity and Sustainable Development. We have never had any intention to do confrontational politics and this shall remain our focus. We strive for consultative politics in Rwanda.

4. The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is an opposition party and calls for more political space, freedom of expression, freedom of media, other freedoms and respect for human rights in the Republic of Rwanda. This does not make us enemies of the state, we just have different constructive ideas and it’s our constitutional and fundamental human right and part of our political program.

Issued at Kigali, 6th May 2010

Signed by :

Frank HABINEZA Founder President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda