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Nyagatare: Youth commit to save environment

Nyagatare DGPR Women Committee
Nyagatare DGPR Women Committee

Young people in Nyagatare District, Eastern Province of Rwanda have committed to protect the environment to build country’s resilience to climate change effects.

The interventions are needed considering that cimate change also affects youth and thus affecting the future of the country.

Having considerd the dangers and threats posed by climate change, the young people are chipping in to save the environment in Nyagatare.

The effects of climate change include water shortage, decreased food, and increasing disasters and diseases.

Rwanda Forest Authority(RFA) figures indicate that Nyagatare District has a lowest-forest cover in the country, thus causing drought as a result of climate change.

Youth from Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) are taking the lead in saving Nyagatare from drought effects.

Niyonzima Jean Claude, 30, recently elected to lead youth from DGPR in Nyagatare, has urged other young people protect and conserve the environment by raising their voice.

“We will raise our awareness about forestation so as to reduce the use of firewood, and urge the government to contribute to the reduction in cooking gas prices so that more people are able to buy it. This will thus reduce deforestation and help in coping with drought, ” he said.

The awareness campaign will be held in the public spaces through community meetings, and community works among others.

A 21-year-old Dufitumukiza Pelagie, recently elected to lead women in Nyagatare district said  they are going to take the initiative to protect the environment as it is one of the main pillars of the party.

“We have to inform concerned people about the dangers of deforestation actions; those who fell trees must stop. We are commited to conduct awareness compaigns onforestation,” she said.

On the other hand, Masozera Jacky, the party’s treasurer, says its key pillars include protecting the environment as one of the most important issues to be addressed in Rwanda.

The party encourages protection of the environment via reforestation, bamboo tree planting along the banks of rivers and streams, as it was done on sebeya river catchment.The activity also includes the construction of terraces.

Rwanda had set a target for the first Economic Development Plan (EDPRS I) of Vision 2020, which is to have 30% of the country’s forested areas covered.

The 2019 census showed that it has achieved and exceeded as 30.4% of national surface is covered by forest. However some districts are lagging behind.These include Kirehe at 17% and Nyagatare at less than 20%, while Nyaruguru is at 50%.

Nyagatare District is where the fifth district to have DGPR  youth and women structures at the District level.

Source: Nyagatare: Youth commit to save environment - The Source Post

Nyagatare DGPR Women Committee