Press Release: DGPR Leaders Met with the Deputy Speaker of Rwandan Parliament on Legal Reforms | Rwanda
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Press Release: DGPR Leaders Met with the Deputy Speaker of Rwandan Parliament on Legal Reforms

Upon invitation by the Rwandan Parliament, on Thursday, 10th March 2016, the President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, together with the Party’s Secretary General and National Treasurer, met with the Deputy Speaker of Parliament in charge of Legal affairs and control of the Government, accompanied by the Director of Legal Affairs and discussed issues concerning DGPR’s requests for electoral and political reforms.

The Deputy Speaker, cited some articles in the constitution and the organic law governing the Rwandan parliament, saying that the Party has no rights to call for legal reforms, that it’s only the obligation of a member of parliament, group of parliamentarians and cabinet, which can initiate a legal revision.

Democratic Green Party leaders, reminded the Deputy Speaker, that the Party has currently no member in Parliament and thus requested the Parliament in general to initiate that process, especially after what was witnessed last year, when millions of Rwandan flocked Parliament calling for constitutional reform.

The Deputy Speaker, clarified that all Members of Parliament represent and serve the interest of the general public, but we do need to identify one who could start the process or ask Cabinet to do so.

Given the fact that all the Members of Parliament represent the general Public, DGPR once again requests the Rwandan Parliament to take this matter as a national priority and make those electoral and political reforms, since all MPs equally represent DGPR members in Parliament.

P.S: Press Statement from Parliament is attached.

For more details, please contact:

Mr.Ntezimana Jean Claude

Secretary General, DGPR

Phone: +250788774757


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