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Press Release No3

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda would like to inform, the media, international community, Representatives of foreign diplomatic missions and Embassies in Rwanda and the general public that the Government of Rwanda has continued to do actions which are against democratic principles and human rights.

According to what happened on 30th October 2009 in Kigali at St Paul, in our party Congress aimed at approving the party constitution, we faced extra-ordinary circumstances where by our members were beaten by people who entered in the conference room by force and clandestinely and started the chaos, shouting “RPF Oyeee, RPF Oyeee !”. We would like to say something about what has been happening to us and our members, since that time.

After Congress, some of the people who caused it were caught by the police and taken for interrogation, but sadly enough, none of them stayed in the police custody for more than an hour, they were immediately released and continued their normal life and even though some of our members were wounded, hospitalized and others lost their valuables.

Something else which is strange is that nobody summoned us -as Party representatives- to give explanations on the people who caused the chaos. We were again surprised to hear the explanations of the Police Spokesman on Radio Rwanda and Contact FM, in the evening of that day, confirming that what happened at St Paul (in Green Party’s Congress) was caused by Green Party members themselves.

We would like to emphasize the following three issues :

  1. Our members have continued to be threatened and harassed by Local Government Authorities
  2. Oppression from the National Police denying us the permission to hold another congress
  3. Newspaper articles in UMUVUGIZI Vol. 66 and UMUSESO No. 386, showing a list of people suspected to be our members.

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