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Omar Leo at Police Headquaters
Omar Leo at Police Headquaters

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda wishes to inform the general public and members of the media that all allegations and accusations being made by Mr.Omar Leo, who was presented to the media yesterday by the National Police are null and void. However, we are pleased of his public appearance after having made many calls to search for him.

We received information on 18th January 2013, suggesting that our former communication Secretary had gone missing. We started searching for him from his place of residence in Nyamirambo, sent his photos to all the main mosques in his area, visited all the local authorities and requested for their intervention, we also went to his school (Byumba Polytechnic College) but in vain. 

On Friday 25th January 2013, we were informed that Omar was able to post a message on his Facebook page that he was well. We contacted him on phone and he answered. We fixed an appointment to meet him at UTC, Bourbon Cafe but he never turned up and again his phone went off.   

We contacted him again on Saturday morning, the 26th January 2013, and fixed another appointment at 13:30 at Club Rafiki, Nyamirambo, but still he never turned up and his phone was switched off again, from then onwards, his phone went off completely and we couldn’t trace him again.  

On 28th January 2013, we finally wrote to the Inspector General of Police, informed him of all these details and requested the national police to intervene and help in finding his whereabouts.    

We later recorded a statement at Remera Police Station, officially requesting police to intervene and the dossier was opened.  

We however continued to receive irresponsible messages on the social media from Omar Leo. The Executive Committee after consulting for two days, took a decision on 2nd February 2013 to relieve him from his duties as the Communication Secretary, because we were not sure if it was him or not him sending abusive messages, which were tarnishing the image of the party and its leaders. 

A few weeks later, the Inspector General of Police informed the New Times Newspaper that Omar Leo was suspected to be in Burundi and that they could not continue to spend public resources on a person who seemed to stage his disappearance.  We requested Police not to give up on Omar, since he is also a tax payer.  

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda would like to confirm to the general public that we did not have any problem with Omar Leo and that is why we took all those measures to look for him. There was no plan or dream to harm him in anyway and blame it on the Government. The party never accused the Government for his missing but rather requested the state authorities to intervene in finding his whereabouts. All the allegations and accusations Omar Leo is making are all naked lies and thus null and void.


                                                                           Done at Kigali, 5th February 2014


                                                                                    Dr.Frank Habineza

                                                            President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda




Omar Leo at Police Headquaters