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Rwanda Democratic Green Party Leader Pleaded for Teachers to get a Specialised Market and an Increment in their Salary

DGPR Barner
DGPR Barner

This Friday 12th June 2020 during a plenary session in Rwanda Parliament, Dr.Frank Habineza pleaded for teachers to get a specialised market, as it is the case for those working in the security sector  and an increament in thier salary, since the past increament did little to change thier livelihood, this would help in the improvement of quality education.

Below are the submisions:

  1. Government is requested to establish a special market for teachers (Umwarimu ISOKO), whereby teachers could be able to purchase necessities on a subsidized price, as it’s the case for Policemen, Soldiers and local security personnel (Abanyerondo)
  2. Ensure that all pupils and students get something to eat while at school. I have proposed to at least take porridge at break-time (10:00 AM) and at Lunch time (12:00-13:00), since providing food has become difficult. Parents are encouraged to contribute something in order to make this a success.
  3. I have renewed the call to increase teacher’s salary, since the past increment made no significant changes to their income and livelihood.


DGPR Barner