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Rwandan Opposition political Parties have formed a “Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties”

In our endeavour to strengthen the democratic process in Rwanda, to bring the current regime to accept the right of every Rwandan citizen to enjoy his/her full political rights, to allow Rwandans make a choice between different political programmes and to choose a leader who will have convinced them that his political programme is viable and will deliver on its manifesto ;

In view of the many barriers, both legal and administrative, that the regime has put in place to prevent political parties from being formally registered ;

In the face of increasing threats, aggressive acts and harassment against opposition parties in the period leading to presidential elections ;

Taking into account the fact that the only party that has been registered has not been allowed to carry out its normal political activities among the general population at the grassroots level and to get access to the public media ;

Considering the need to ensure that presidential elections planned for August 2010 are held in a democratic and transparent manner ;

Convinced that putting together of our efforts is the best way to widen the political space for the political opposition,

We the undersigned, representing the following political organisations : The United Democratic Forces–Inkingi, The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Le Parti Social IMBERAKURI,

Have decided to form a common platform called the : Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties, “Conseil de Concertation Permanent des Partis d’Opposition” (PCC/CCP)

The main of the objective of the platform is :

To define a common position and carry out appropriate work of lobbying and advocacy at the national and international level.

Areas of collaboration will include at this point in time the following areas :

1. Registration of political parties

2. Diplomacy

3. Information and communication

4. Justice

Other areas of collaboration will be examined later.

Done at Kigali, 19th February 2010

Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza Chairperson, United Democratic Forces

Mr. Frank Habineza Chairman, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

Me. Bernard Ntaganda Chairman, Parti Social IMBERAKURI