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IVLP Certificate of Participation
IVLP Certificate of Participation

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda’s President, Dr.Frank HABINEZA, participated in the US Government’s International Visitor Leadership Program: Young African Leaders: Grassroots Democracy and Midterm Elections (October 20th –November 7th 2014),  where he was able to learn many lessons which will be helpful in democracy strengthening and nation building in the Republic of Rwanda.  

During this program, DGPR’s Chairman was able to fully understand in practical terms the independent functioning of different Government institutions and the principle of separation of powers in the United States of America.  It was clear and evident that different US Institutions are indeed stronger than big personalities.

The gridlock in the US Senate and the House of Representatives, where both the Republicans and the Democrats agreed to disagree and where the White House could not intervene to prove its might was a clear indication of the separation of powers and respect for State institutions.

The consequent outcome of the midterm elections also proved that the American people wanted both the White House and the US Congress, to reach out to each other and enable Government fulfil its duties to the citizens.

Election transparency and the electronic voting machines make it difficult for those who would wish to falsify the electoral results and consequently rig elections. This transparence accompanied with the necessary technology helps in building voters confidence in the National Electoral Commission and allows losers to accept defeat. It even makes it possible for the incumbent party to lose an election to the opposition, something which we still have to encourage much more in Africa.

This was indeed a key lesson learnt and worth encouraging for our country and other African states to emulate, even though the political terrain is different.

The freedom exercised by different media organizations, especially in the political campaigns and the respect accorded to the fourth estate by different Government Institutions, is something worth great encouragement in the democracy building and strengthening in the Republic of Rwanda and in Africa at large.

DGPR will continue to encourage Rwanda’s different state institutions to strengthen and uphold the principal of separation of powers and respect to media freedoms, in our journey of building a strong democratic state.

DGPR, takes on this opportunity to acknowledge the great efforts undertaken by the US State Department, US Embassy in Kigali, Meridian International Center, World Affairs Council, Global Ties, International Focus and all other different partners in the successful implementation of this International Visitor Leadership Program for Young African Leaders.

Brief Background:

This program was organized by the US’s State Department in collaboration with different stake holders.

It was conducted in Washington DC, New Hampshire, Missouri, Kansas and North Carolina, between October 20th – 7th November 2014.

It brought together seven Young African Leaders from Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, South Sudan, Swaziland and DRC. 

It aimed at examining the democratic form of government in the United States and the significance of citizens’ participation in the democratic process.

The delegates were able to observe several activities of citizen action groups and how they interact with American elected officials at the municipal, local, state and federal levels to influence political, social, and economic change as well as to promote transparency and accountability at all levels of society.

They were also able to examine the diversity of views held by Americans and how this multiplicity contributes to a dynamic and resilient political system that includes free, fair and open elections.

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IVLP Certificate of Participation
IVLP certificate from State Dept