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We, members of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, strongly condemn the statements made to different media houses by Mr.Charles KABANDA, Mr.Vincent NSHIMIRIMANA and Ms. Jean Marie Vianey KANTENGWA, who defected from the party on 22 April 2010.

We strongly condemn their statements, due to the following reasons :

1. The allegations made to the Founding President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Mr.Frank HABINEZA, that he made statements they don’t agree with while in the African Greens Congress, Kampala, Uganda. This is a total lie. It was actually Mr.Charles KABANDA who presented the report on Rwanda and not Frank Habineza.

2. The Party Leadership has been having serious concerns on these two men, Mr.Charles KABANDA and Mr.Vincent NSHIMIRIMANA :

• Charles KABANDA : ever since he became a member of the party, he has never publically condemned the harassment and intimidation done to the Green Party, yet as a Secretary General it was in his capacity and duties to do so, but rather he was always giving excuses of not wanting to talk to the media and also discouraging the Leadership from doing so. This behavior indicated that he was not totally a committed member of Green Party, and thus had one leg in the party and another leg somewhere else. We had tolerated that behavior and discussed it with him, hoping that time will come for him to change. The truth is now clear. He has exposed himself.

• Vincent NSHIMIRIMANA : Ever since he became a member of the Green Party, we started getting information of an infiltrator/spy amongst our midst (at one occasion he was confronted by someone who had information about him spying on us, and this was done in the presence of the President of the Party, though he denied it). Some of our internal discussions and decisions in party meetings used to be heard outside the office and we would wonder who was it, taking the party secrets and internal information outside the party, even some party documents used to get lost and be seen somewhere else. But because we knew that we never had any bad plans in our secrets, we became patient, believing that whoever was doing it would at some point in time change that behavior of betraying the party. Now, instead of changing this behavior, he has publically shown his true colors.

• Ms. KANTENGWA Jean Marie Vianey : was probably mislead by these two men, they exerted a lot of pressure on her, that her life was in danger, if she remained in the party. They (Kabanda and Nshimirimana) actually had done the same to other party members but failed, (they did this as soon as the Party President had left the country to Holland). The Leadership of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, would like to inform all party members and Rwandans in general, that the going away (defection) of those people, is a big blessing, because they have been a heavy burden, we are so much relieved now that their evil plans have come to pass, their plan to destroy the party has failed and they can never afford it. We wish them a good journey.

We shall communicate to you soon about their replacements.

Issued at Kigali 26th April 2010

Signed by Green Party Leadership (se) :

1. Frank HABINEZA , President (se) 2. RWISEREKA KAGWA Andre, First Vice President (se) 3. UWINEZA Jeanine, Second Vice President (se) 4. MUGISHA Alexis, Treasurer (se) 5. NTEZIMANA Jean Claude, Organizing Secretary (se)