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We have not accused, judged or abandoned Ms. Victoire INGABIRE

After the publication of our Press Release on the Withdrawal of our membership from the Permanent Consultative Council (PCC), dated 15th June 2010, we have noted with great concern that several media houses have misinterpreted our message by assuming that we have accused, judged and abandoned Ms.Victoire INGABIRE. We would like to make the following clarifications :

1. We are not accusing, judging or abandoning Ms.Victoire INGABIRE, we believe that she is still innocent in the eyes of the law. We have not said that she is the one behind the Coalition of Democratic Forces –CDF. No one should misinterpret us.

2. Withdrawing from PCC did not mean that we are accusing or convicting FDU Inkingi on any criminal activity, we wanted these accusations which kept on coming in different forms to first be made clear.

3. We call upon the Rwandan Government to accord her a quick and fair trial.

4. We still stand with all the statements we signed while still in the PCC and have retracted the previous statement. In that case we have resumed our membership in the PCC after the three Parties have sat down and fully discussed and resolved the previous concerns.

5. More details will be availed soon in a joint communiqué to be signed by all the three parties.

Done at Kigali, 16th June 2010


Founding President

Democratic Green Party of Rwanda