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Migrants to UK -BBC Photo
The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda supports welcoming refugees who have chosen Rwanda as their first destination but not those who chose to go to the UK or other European countries. We think that rich countries including the UK should not shift their international obligation to receive refugees and transfer them to third countries, just because they have the money to influence and enforce their will. Rwanda has already a high population density in Africa and already land is not sufficient for... Read more
WE CALL FOR A STRONG, PEACEFUL, UNIFIED, INTERNATIONAL RESPONSE TO THE RUSSIAN INVASION, AND AN IMMEDIATE CESSATION OF VIOLENCE The Global Greens international coalition of the Green Parties of the world declare our full solidarity with Ukraine and its people. We call upon the world community and political leaders to unify and respond in the strongest terms to the unprovoked, unilateral, and catastrophic invasion by Putin-led Russia against Ukraine.The Global Greens are united by common... Read more
 It is Time for a More Inclusive & Democratic UN    By Frank Habineza, Susanne Menge, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad and Angela Brown BurkeReprint |    More than 120 lawmakers from over 40 countries lend their support to civil society campaign for a more democratic and inclusive UN. -- It is time for a more inclusive and democratic UN Parliamentarians from around the globe call for more participation. Credit: We The PeoplesKIGALI/ BERLIN/ KUALA LUMPUR/ KINGSTON, Feb 7 2022 (IPS) - The global... Read more
IKIGANIRO URUBUGA RW'ITANGAZAMAKURU: Ubuhahirane nyuma yo gufungura umupaka wa Gatuna uhuza Uganda nu Rwanda, Hon.Dr.Frank Habineza, Perezida wa Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, yagiranye na TV-Radio Isango Star 91.5 FM Official kuwa 6/2/2022.Link: URUBUGA RW'ITANGAZAMAKURU: Ubuhahirane nyuma yo gufungura umupaka wa Gatuna - YouTube Read more
Mwakurikira ikiganiro Murisanga kuri Radiyo Ijwi ry’America @RadiyoyacuVOA kubijyanye n’umurimo n’ibura ry’akazi mu #Rwanda, Umuyobozi Mukuru w'Ishyaka Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Hon.Dr.Frank Habineza yagiranye n'umunyamukuru Bwana Geoffrey Mutagoma kandi bari kumwe na Bwana Habyarimana Straton impugucye mu bukungu n'umurimo.Link: ( Read more
Mwakurikira Ikiganiro Umuyobozi mukuru w'Ishyaka Green Party, Hon.Dr.Frank Habineza, yagiranye na TV 10  ku wa  8 Mutarama 2022, kubijyanye n’ikibazo cya Gaz mu Rwanda. Bagikoranye na Bwana Musangabatware Clement  wari ikiyoboye, kandi barikumwe na  na Bwana Ndagijimana Emmanuel umuyobozi wa Kigali Gas Ltd. Minisitiri w’ibidukikije Dr.Mujawamariya Jeanne D'Arc  yatanze ubutumwa bwe akoresheje uburyo bw’ikoranabuhanga. #RwandaLink kuri Youtube: IKIGUZI CYA GAZ - ISANGANO LIVE - YouTube Read more
Created by the author Aidan Scully
It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. This sentiment, outlined in Lesley Gore’s 1963 hit, has seemingly been the manifesto of politicians throughout history who view institutions as merely instruments for their own personal gain. But political parties are more than an extension of their leader’s popularity. They are vibrant organizations of thousands, sometimes millions, of people united behind a common vision, armed with the unique ability to radically transform their society.What is the... Read more
Rwanda TV's The Square Show: A  Review of 2021 | Regional Cooperation, Governance and Expectations in 2022. The Democratic Green Party leader , Dr.Frank Habineza, was a panelist and highlighted several issues of national importance.You can watch it from here: Read more
Mukiganiro Depite Dr.Frank Habineza umuyobozi mukuru w’Ishyaka Green Party yagiranye n’umunyamakuru wa Radio 10 ku itariki ya 4 Mutarama 2022, yasabye ko RURA (Rwanda Regulatory Authority) yashiramo imbaraga kugirango amabwiraza yayo ajyanye no kuvugurura ibikiro bya GAZ yubahiriwe, kuberako hirya no hino mugihigu bitari kwubahirirwa.Mwakurikira ikiganiro kirambuye kuri Youtube: Read more
Mugihe dusoza umwaka twinjira muwundi, Umwaka wa 2021 nkuwawubanjirije n'umwaka waranzwemo n'icyorezo cya Covid19 hakaba harabayeho gahunda za guma-murugo ebyiri, imiryango myinshi ikaba yarapfushije abayo yakundaga, tukaba dufashe uyu mwanya kugirango twihanganishe abo bose babuze abo bakundaga ndetse tunashimire abo bose bitanze kugirango bahangane n'icyorezo bituma  kidakomeza gukwirakwira ndetse no guhitana ubuzima bw'abantu. Turashimira cyane abaganga, abakorerabushake, inzego z'umutekano... Read more
The present year has come to an end making space for the new year. Like the previous year, 2021 was also characterized by the COVID-19 Pandemic and the country had two lockdowns, this year has also left many families mourning the loss of their loved ones. We would like to take on this moment to foremost comfort and condole all those who lost their loved ones. We would like to also express our sincere gratitude to all front-line workers who sacrificed themselves to contain this pandemic in... Read more
Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no Kurengera Ibidukikije mu Rwanda (Green Party - DGPR) rirashishikariza abagabo n’abagore kudaceceka cyangwa ngo bahishire abakora ihohotera mu miryango kuko bituma rifatwa nk’umuco kandi risenya imiryango.Umuyobozi w’Ishyaka (DGPR) Dr. Frank Habineza atangaza ko ashingiye ku mahame remezo y’ishyaka harimo kubaka politiki y’amahoro, kurwanya iterabwoba no kwitandukanya n’imitwe yitwaje intwaro, asanga ayo mahame akwiye no gukoreshwa ku miryango bityo abayikomokamo... Read more
Minisitiri w’Intebe, Dr Edouard Ngirente yijeje ko igiciro cya Gaz yo gutekesha ubu kigeze ku mafaranga y’u Rwanda ibihumbi 17 ku icupa ry’ibiro 12, kizagabanywa nyuma y’inyigo izarangira tariki ya 13 Ukuboza 2021Ministiri w’Intebe yabitangarije Inteko Ishinga Amategeko y’u Rwanda ku wa 03 Ukuboza 2021, ubwo Depite Dr Frank Habineza yari amugejejeho ikibazo cy’uko Gaz irimo kugenda izamuka mu biciro ku mpamvu atarasobanukirwa.Abakoresha Gaz n’abayicuruza barimo Umuyobozi w’Ikigo kiyikwirakwiza... Read more
With the backdrop of deepening vaccine inequality, climate disasters, and continued efforts to delay real action, COP26 got underway this weekend. This much anticipated United Nations conference has drawn attention not least for its significance in the struggle against climate change but also for mismanagement by the UK, the host of COP26.One issue that civil society has mobilised around is representation and access to the conference. Networks like the Global Greens put in motion initiatives... Read more
Poor handling of garbage, coupled with toxic effluents from industrial, mining and garage activities continue to foment trouble that could ruin lives and marine wildlife in Rwanda’s river if unchecked, a new study revealed.An assessment report on pollution of the Nile Basin and associated water ecosystem basins in Rwanda singles out household waste as polluting water bodies the most, followed industrial establishments and car garages.While the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda which commissioned... Read more
Mu gitondo cyo kuri uyu wa Mbere tariki 25 Ukwakira 2021, Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no Kurengera Ibidukikije ryatunguranye risohora itangazo ryirukana abarwanashyaka baryo babiri b’Imena bashinjwa ubugambanyi no gushaka gusenya ishyaka ‘baririmo’.Ntabwo ari ibintu byari biherutse muri iri shyaka rifite ibirango by’icyatsi kibisi, nyuma y’imyaka itatu rije mu mashyaka ya mbere atavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi yinjiye mu Nteko Ishinga Amategeko, mu matora yabaye mu 2018.Abarwanashyaka birukanwe ni... Read more
The Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda after getting advice from the Party’s Ethics and Disciplinary Committee on matters concerning acts of treachery and misconduct by:  Mr.TUYISHIME Jean Deogratious and Mr.MUTABAZI Ferdinand, whom have been harboring treacherous plans of destroying the party from within  by creating another political party, which they say they have resources and support from people outside the country. They have been mobilizing several party... Read more
Komite Nyobozi Nshingwabikora y’Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no Kurengera Ibidukikije mu Rwanda (DGPR), nyuma yo kugirwa Inama na Komite Nkemurampaka y'Ishyaka, kuwa 24 Ukwakira 2021, kubijyanye ni myitwarire mibi yagiye iranga bamwe mubarwanashyaka bayo bagizwe na Bwana Tuyishime Jean Deogratious na Bwana Mutabazi Ferdinand aho byagaragaye ko bafite imigambi mibisha kandi y’ubugambanyi yo gusenya Ishyaka barisenyera muryo benda gushinga bavuga ko babiterwamo inkunga n’abari hanze y’igihugu,... Read more
A new research has established that at 47.8 per cent household waste is the leading cause of pollution in Nyabarongo River. Household waste mainly comprised of rubbish, garbage and sewage enter Nyabarongo River through the ravine Nyabugogo swamp that connects to it.  With a length of 351 km, Nyabarongo is Rwanda’s major and longest river. The research carried out from April to October 2021 and commissioned by Democratic Green Party also found out that the absence of soil erosion control... Read more