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Reasons why the Amended Electoral Law was not Voted for by Green Party Reps in Parliament

Parliament Chamber of Deputies has revisited the organic law governing elections to allow the bill to make sense to the current situation four years after the latest review.The law of 2003 revised in 2015, was tabled for approval on July 22. However, it came with the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda raising debate on major changes that will come with the new bill.

The new bill retained that the initiative to call a referendum lies within the ambit of the President of the Republic and a Presidential Order determines the election day of referendum and its purpose.


Bimwe mubyo Abadepite bahagarariye Green Party batatoye mu mushinga w'Itegeko rigenga Amatora mu Rwanda

N’ubwo Umutwe w’Abadepite w’Inteko Ishinga amategeko ku wa 22 Nyakanga 2019 wemeje Umushinga w’Itegeko rigenga amatora, abadepite bamwe bo muri Green Party banze kuwemeza.

Bamwe mu badepite bo mu Ishyaka ’Democratic Green Party’  basanga Perezida wa Repubulika atari we wenyine ufite ububasha bwo gukoresha Referandumu. Ingingo y’106 y’uyu mushinga w’Itegeko ivuga ko Perezida wa Repubulika ari we ufite ububasha bwo gukoresha Referandumu.