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Rwanda National Electoral Commission Confirms 32 DGPR Parliamentary Candidates

Rwanda National Electoral Commission Confirms 32 DGPR Parliamentary Candidates

The National Electoral commission confirmed 32 out of 34 DGPR parliamentary candidates.

The confirmed candidates include 14 women and 18 men. Electoral campaigns will begin on 13th August and end on 1st September. Elections will be on 2nd and 3rd September 2018.



Rwanda Democratic Green Party has submitted Parliamentary Candidatures to Electoral Commission.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has submitted to the National Electoral Commission a list of 34 parliamentary candidates, which includes 16 women and 18 men.

DGPR’s third congress held on 23 June 2018 confirmed the party’s participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections. It also confirmed the revised political platform which will serve as a manifesto. Election will be held on 2nd and 3rd September, while campaigns will begin on 13th August and end on 1st September.

Please find the Final List of Parliamentary candidates below and attached:



Press Statement: Third Congress of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda confirmed Parliamentary Candidates

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is pleased to inform members of the media and the public that it successfully held its third congress on 23rd June 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda.

The congress approved 55 Parliamentary Candidates, the provisional list includes 21 women and 34 men. The final list will be submitted to the National Electoral Commission between 12-25 July. Parliamentary elections are planned for 2nd and 3rd September 2018, while electoral campaigns will commence on 13th August -1st September.


Green Party irashaka intebe zirenze 10 mu Nteko Ishinga Amategeko

Ku nshuro ya mbere Ishyaka riharanira Demokarasi no kurengera Ibidukikije, ‘Democratic Green Party’, rigiye kwitabira amatora y’abadepite mu muhigo udasanzwe wo kwegukana imyanya irenze 10 mu Nteko Ishinga Amategeko.

Perezida w’iri shyaka ryashinzwe mu 2009, Dr Frank Habineza, yabwiye IGIHE ko bageze kure bitegura amatora, aho kuri uyu wa Gatanu basoje gahunda yo gutora abazarihagararira.


Parliamentary polls: Green Party targets 20% of seats

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) is looking at coming up with a “strong manifesto” before embarking on a vigorous campaign to secure at least 20 per cent of parliamentary seats in the September polls, party officials have said.

The party president, Frank Habineza, who also ran in last year’s presidential elections has exclusively told The New Times that they are ready to submit their list of candidates, adding that they are looking to fielding up to 60 members in the campaign.


World Environment Day 2018: African Greens Federation joins the world in Fighting Plastic Pollution.

The African Greens Federation joins the rest of the world in cerebrating today’s World Environment. This is a very important day in our lives particularly to us as important proponents of the environmental preservation. To us the Greens Family and the rest of the World, this is a day when we look back to history and evaluate the progress that we have taken as actors in making the world clean.



Mugihe twizihiza umunsi mpuzamahanga wahariwe kurengera Ibidukikije taliki ya 5 Kamena 2018, Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no Kurengera Ibidukikije m’u Rwanda, rinejejwe no kwibutsa abanyarwanda n’abatuye isi ko kurengera ibidukikije ari ingirakamaro kuko ntakintu na kimwe cyagerwaho mu mibereho ya buri munsi ndetse no mw’iterambere ry’abatuye isi birengagije ndetse ntibarengere ibidukikije. Kubwiyo mpamvu;


Communique de Presse du 4ème Congrès de la Fédération des Verts d’Afrique

Du 10 au 12 mai 2018, s’est tenu dans la salle de réunion de l’Hôtel RELAX à Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), le 4ème congrès de la Fédération des Verts d’Afrique sous le thème : « Politique verte pour une Afrique Durable ».


African Greens Federation Fourth Congress Proceedings, May 2018, Burkina Faso

The African Greens Federation held its 4th Congress at Hotel RELAX in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso from the 10th to the 12th May 2018, under the theme: « Green Politics for a Sustainable Africa » and adopted several reports as well as electing new office bearers. The following minutes, give a true picture of the congress.


HELD ON 10-12 MAY, 2018, Ouagadougou, BURKINA FASO


Dr Habineza yahawe inshingano nshya mu Ihuriro Nyafurika ry’Amashyaka Ashinzwe Kurengera Ibidukikije

Umuyobozi mukuru w’Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no kurengera Ibidukikije mu Rwanda, Dr Habineza Frank yagizwe Umuyobozi mukuru w’ubunyamabanga buhoraho mu Ihuriro Nyafurika ry’amashyaka ya Politiki ashyinzwe kurengera Ibidukikije.

Dr Habineza yari amaze imyaka umunani ari Perezida wa Federasiyo y’amashyaka ya Politiki ashyinzwe kurengera Ibidukikije, akaba avuga ko kuba bamugiriye icyizere agahabwa uyu mwanya utari usanzweho, ari amahirwe akomeye kuri we ndetse no ku barwanashyaka b’ishyaka abereye umuyobozi mu Rwanda.