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Green Party Reveals Major Sign That President Kagame Is Ready To Give Up Power

Few days ago the leader of Greeen party, Dr. Frank Habineza told that he, himself and his party disapprove proposals of the amendment of the national constitution.

“The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda held a meeting with the political bureau… and we took a decision,…The Party does not support or will not support any proposal to change the constitution.” Habineza Said

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Dr. Frank Habineza Playing President Kagame’s recorded Voice via his mobile phone

During Contact FM’s One on One Talkshow, Frank Habineza underlined his position regarding the issue and revealed facts he believes will restrain President Kagame to run for third presidential term.

Habineza played On Air President Kagame’s voice where the president says he will have been a bad leader if nobody proves himself capable of replacing him.

This comes as a response to doubts held by some people claiming that no one will be able to take the lead and make Rwanda achieve outstanding progress as Kagame did. President Kagame’s recorded Voice was heard from Frank Habineza who was the guest on CFM: The record has been translated from Kinyarwanda.

“The motives that people claim to stay on power are the same reasons I will step down. If you have been on power for 10 to 20 years, among your achievements you will have helped your people to develop and keep your leading ways, if you have been excellent. When they can’t, it means your leadership was bad. If it is the case, I cannot go on.”

On the record, president Kagame emphasized that he can’t hold on power because nobody showed up to take his palace. Instead he can’t keep ruling if he was unable to raise people who can lead a nation the day his term will be over.

“If I ruled well and yet people could not follow my lead and fail to find my successor, what they will see is what they deserve. So I can leave it for them and let them get what they deserve." Kagame added

To change or not to change the constitution to allow Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame seek another term when his last seven -year term ends in 2017 has elicited raging debate across the country, with a faction of his supporters calling for a referendum to remove presidential term limits.