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Security Threat to My Life, Requesting for Protection


B.P. 6334 Kigali, Tel : 078 85 630 39, Email :

25th February 2010

The Minister of Internal Security KIGALI, RWANDA

Dear Sir,

Re : Security Threat to My Life, Requesting for Protection.

I would like to take this opportunity to draw your kind attention to very disturbing events that have in the recent past surrounded my daily life as the Chairman of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR), a party that, as you very well know, is yet to be registered.

Since Early February this year, there has been several verbal reports about my imminent demise through assassination. At first I dismissed that information as ordinary rumours that form part of the occupational hazard of a politician’s life. I had tried to ignore the various threats, intimidation and harassment I have been subjected to, including those committed to our members since 30th October 2009.

However, subsequent events have forced me to reconsider all aspects relating to my security. Recent Press reports published in UMUSESO No.396, of 22 Feb-01 March 2010, on Page two, reveal that there are people who plan to kill me in 60 days, according to reliable sources. I also have information which I can’t substantiate that there are planned robberies, beatings, grenade attacks and harassment being prepared against my family in particular and other Senior Leaders of the party. Other details indicate that we are supposed to be assassinated before the August 2010 Presidential elections.

Similar events have happened to Ms.Victoire Ingabire. She was beaten by a mob at Kinyinya Sector in Kigali also in February 2010. These security threats are preceded by an event that happened to me on 4th February 2010, while i was at Hotel Le Printemps, Kimironko, Kigali, sharing a soft drink with a friend Jean Paul MUDAHERANWA aka. Sunday, a certain person unknown to me approached us and greeted me in my names and then told me in a menacing voice, that they are watching me very closely and asked me why I was fighting them, yet they paid for my education. I reported the matter to Police on 5th February 2010 and on 9th February ; i gave a full statement to Remera Police Station in Gasabo District.

In a country like Rwanda, which is supposed to follow the rule of law and trying to be democratic, where a significant community believes to be peaceful, these developments are very worrying. The Purpose of this letter is therefore to request you to use your good offices to verify these threats and if found true then bring the perpetrators to book. I would also like to request you to ensure my security in particular and that of the senior Leaders of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and fellow opposition Leaders in other yet to be registered parties.

I am looking forward to getting a kind consideration from you.

Yours Faithfully

Frank HABINEZA Chairman, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

C.C :  H.E. President of the Republic

 The Right Hon Prime Minister

 The Commissioner General of Police

 The Director General of National Security Services

 National Human Rights Commission

 All Embassies in Rwanda