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Dr.Frank Habineza confirmed by Electoral Commission as Rwandan Presidential Candidate

Dr.Frank Habineza
Dr.Frank Habineza

The National Electoral Commission has today the 7th of July 2017 confirmed Dr. Frank Habineza as a presidential candidate in the Rwandan presidential elections, representing the opposition Democratic Green Party of Rwanda.

This is a big milestone achieved after struggling for eight years towards democratic change. This will be the first election where the ruling party will compete with an opposition party since the country was returned to democratic rule in 2003.

President Frank Habineza, will champion the respect of all fundamental freedoms as enshrined in the constitution and promoted by international human rights instruments. The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda will, in addition, re-enforce the rule of law and re-instate the supremacy of the supreme court over other judicial organs especially by removing the last appeal of its decisions from the Ombudsman.

President Habineza, will also ensure food security and food safety, strive for reduction of high rate of unemployment, promote economic growth without environmental suicide, establish progressive taxation system while reducing VAT by 20% and introducing a single combined tax regime. It will also establish the National Security Council and ensure a better civil-military relations model that allows civilian supremacy among several other plans it intends to do.


Done at Kigali

7th July 2017


Secretary General, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

Dr.Frank Habineza
Dr.Frank Habineza during the party's congress March 2017
Dr.Frank Habineza during the founding congres in June 2013