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Rwanda: Opposition leader warns UK-Rwanda migration deal could create "conflicts"

A Rwandan opposition lawmaker slammed the Rwanda-UK asylum seekers deal arguing it could create budget difficulties and destabilize the society in the long run.

Frank Habineza, a Rwandan opposition lawmaker has criticised Britain's decision to send asylum seekers to his home country.


Rwandan opposition criticises deal to accept UK’s asylum seekers

UK accused of shifting international obligations and Rwanda of ignoring issues causing its own refugees . Opposition politicians in Rwanda have criticised its agreement to accept thousands of unauthorised asylum seekers flown from the UK, saying wealthy western countries should “own up to international obligations on the migration issues”.


Ishyaka Green Party ntirishyigikiye ko u Rwanda rwakira abimukira bavuye mu Bwongereza

Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no Kurengera Ibidukikije mu Rwanda (The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda-DGPR) ntirishyigikiye icyemezo cya leta y’u Rwanda yo kwakira abimukira bavuye mu Bwongereza.

Iri shyaka rirabitangaza nyuma yuko byumvikanye mu bitangazamakuru bitandukanye ko u Rwanda rwemeye kwakira aba bimukira ndetse ubu amasezerano akaba yamaze gusinyirwa i Kigali hagati y’ibihugu byombi.


Rwanda Democratic Green Party Disagrees with UK-Rwanda Migration deal

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda supports welcoming refugees who have chosen Rwanda as their first destination but not those who chose to go to the UK or other European countries.

 We think that rich countries including the UK should not shift their international obligation to receive refugees and transfer them to third countries, just because they have the money to influence and enforce their will.

 Rwanda has already a high population density in Africa and already land is not sufficient for us all, with a lot of land conflicts and competition for the natural resources.


URUBUGA RW'ITANGAZAMAKURU: Ubuhahirane nyuma yo gufungura umupaka wa Gatuna uhuza Uganda nu Rwanda

IKIGANIRO URUBUGA RW'ITANGAZAMAKURU: Ubuhahirane nyuma yo gufungura umupaka wa Gatuna uhuza Uganda nu Rwanda, Hon.Dr.Frank Habineza, Perezida wa Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, yagiranye na TV-Radio

Ikiganiro twagiranye na TV 10 kukibazo cya Gaz mu Rwanda

Mwakurikira Ikiganiro Umuyobozi mukuru w'Ishyaka Green Party, Hon.Dr.Frank Habineza, yagiranye na TV 10  ku wa  8 Mutarama 2022, kubijyanye n’ikibazo cya Gaz mu Rwanda. Bagikoranye na Bwana Musangabatware Clement  wari ikiyoboye, kandi barikumwe na  na Bwana Ndagijimana Emmanuel umuyobozi wa Kigali Gas Ltd. Minisitiri w’ibidukikije Dr.Mujawamariya Jeanne D'Arc  yatanze ubutumwa bwe akoresheje uburyo bw’ikoranabuhanga.


Harvard Political Review:It’s Not Easy Being Green - The Environmentalist Parties

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. This sentiment, outlined in Lesley Gore’s 1963 hit, has seemingly been the manifesto of politicians throughout history who view institutions as merely instruments for their own personal gain. But political parties are more than an extension of their leader’s popularity. They are vibrant organizations of thousands, sometimes millions, of people united behind a common vision, armed with the unique ability to radically transform their society.


Democratic Green Party of Rwanda End of Year Message and Aspirations for 2022

The present year has come to an end making space for the new year. Like the previous year, 2021 was also characterized by the COVID-19 Pandemic and the country had two lockdowns, this year has also left many families mourning the loss of their loved ones. We would like to take on this moment to foremost comfort and condole all those who lost their loved ones. We would like to also express our sincere gratitude to all front-line workers who sacrificed themselves to contain this pandemic in Rwanda.