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International Greens call for democracy and Green action!

International Green delegates from 70 countries met in Dakar, Senegal, 29th March - 1st April, for the first ever Global Green Congress held in Africa ( and tackled issues such as solidarity, democracy, biodiversity, climate change, and the future of the Global Greens parties.


This Global Greens gathering was preceded by the 2nd African Greens Congress on 28th and 29th March 2012, which was supported by Green Forum Sweden and the 3rd Global Young Greens Congress, from 27th-29th March 2012.



Why MPs want more incentives for teachers

Some members of parliament recently suggested the idea of government rolling out special incentives for teachers to help uplift their welfare, which, they say will go a long way in boosting the quality of education in the country.

Ishyaka rya Green Party ntirishyigikiye iyubakwa ry’ikigo cy’ubumenyi mu bya Nucléaire mu Rwanda

Ishyaka riharanira Demokarasi no kurengera Ibidukikije mu Rwanda (Democratic Green Party of Rwanda: DGPR), riravuga ko Guverinoma iri kureba ku nyungu gusa ntirebe ingaruka kubaka Ikigo cy’Ubumenyi n’Ikoranabuhanga mu bya Nucléaire, bizateza abanyarwanda.

Ku wa Mbere tariki 15 nibwo Inteko rusange y’Umutwe w’Abadepite mu Nteko Ishinga Amategeko y’u Rwanda, yatoye umushinga w’itegeko ryemera kwemeza burundu amasezerano hagati ya Guverinoma y’u Rwanda n’iy’u Burusiya y’ubufatanye mu kubaka Ikigo cy’Ubumenyi n’Ikoranabuhanga mu bya Nucléaire ku butaka bw’u Rwanda.


Rwanda Democratic Green Party MPs Voted Against the Construction of the Centre of Nuclear Science and Technology in Rwanda.

On Monday, 15th June, during a plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies-Rwanda Parliament, two Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, MPs, voted against the law approving the ratification of the agreement between Rwanda and Russia on cooperation in the construction of the Centre of Nuclear Science and Technology on the territory of Rwanda, which was signed in Sochi, on 24th October 2019.

Why did Green Party MPs Vote Against the Nuclear Center law:


Rwanda Democratic Green Party Leader Pleaded for Teachers to get a Specialised Market and an Increment in their Salary

This Friday 12th June 2020 during a plenary session in Rwanda Parliament, Dr.Frank Habineza pleaded for teachers to get a specialised market, as it is the case for those working in the security sector  and an increament in thier salary, since the past increament did little to change thier livelihood, this would help in the improvement of quality education.

Below are the submisions:


Depite Frank Habineza yasabiye abarimu kongererwa umushahara bakanashyirirwaho isoko ryihariye

Kuri uyu wa Gatanu tariki ya 12 Kamena 2020, Depite Frank Habineza, mu Nteko Nshinga Mategeko, yasabiye abakora umwuga w'ubwarimu ko bashyirirwaho isoko ryihariye (Umwarimu ISOKO) bahahiramo ndetse bakanongerezwa umushahara kuko uwo baherutse kongezwa ntacyo wigeze uzamura kumibereho yabo. Ibi bikozwe byafasha kuzamura Ireme ry’uburezi mu Rwanda.

Ibintu bitatu twasabye:


Party Communique: Democratic Green Party of Rwanda Disowns and Disassociates itself from Rwanda Tribune Newspaper

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda would like to inform the public that it neither owns nor supports a new online Newspaper in the names of Rwanda Tribune.

It has come to our attention that Rwanda Tribune and its social media platforms have published some articles attacking other politicians. We hereby disassociate ourselves from those publications. Whomsoever that contributed to those articles did so on their own capacity and not in the names of the party.


Democratic Green Party's new National Executive Committee Members Approved by the Political Bureau, 20th July 2019

Democratic Green Party's new National Executive Committee Members Approved by the Political Bureau, 20th July 2019

During its ordinary seating on 20th July 2019, the Political Bureau elected new Party Commissioners and therefore, confirmed the new National Executive Committee. It’s imperative to note that in addition to the Commissioners the National Executive Committee is also made up of 9 members from the Central Executive Committee who were elected by the Party Congress last year.

Below is the full list of NEC Members.


Reasons why the Amended Electoral Law was not Voted for by Green Party Reps in Parliament

Parliament Chamber of Deputies has revisited the organic law governing elections to allow the bill to make sense to the current situation four years after the latest review.The law of 2003 revised in 2015, was tabled for approval on July 22. However, it came with the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda raising debate on major changes that will come with the new bill.

The new bill retained that the initiative to call a referendum lies within the ambit of the President of the Republic and a Presidential Order determines the election day of referendum and its purpose.


Bimwe mubyo Abadepite bahagarariye Green Party batatoye mu mushinga w'Itegeko rigenga Amatora mu Rwanda

N’ubwo Umutwe w’Abadepite w’Inteko Ishinga amategeko ku wa 22 Nyakanga 2019 wemeje Umushinga w’Itegeko rigenga amatora, abadepite bamwe bo muri Green Party banze kuwemeza.

Bamwe mu badepite bo mu Ishyaka ’Democratic Green Party’  basanga Perezida wa Repubulika atari we wenyine ufite ububasha bwo gukoresha Referandumu. Ingingo y’106 y’uyu mushinga w’Itegeko ivuga ko Perezida wa Repubulika ari we ufite ububasha bwo gukoresha Referandumu.