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Democratic Green Party of Rwanda End of Year Message, 31st December 2023

As we come to the close of the year 2023, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda wishes to appreciate all Rwandans and different State institutions for the great achievements reached. We also take on this opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 2024.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, grew further in 2023, it is the year, we finally managed to establish the Party Women Wing and Youth Wing structures in all the four provinces of the country and the City of Kigali. This comes after the established of Youth and women structures in all the 30 districts of the country.

In September 2023, we finally held a national youth congress and established the National Youth Greens League. The Young Greens also elected their national leaders and strengthened their structures at different levels.

In December 2023, the Party was able to hold the national women congress and finally established the National Women Greens League after electing national women leaders.

We also conducted trainings for those structures on different topics, including; party ideology, gender equality, democracy, elections and environmental protection.

DGPR was also able to strengthen existing party structures at district level and members elected new leaders in some districts where it was necessary.  

In May 2023, the party was able to hold the national party congress, which brought together party leaders from all the 30 districts of the county and different provinces as well as the City of Kigali. Party members amended the party statutes and also elected members of the central executive committee.  

Party members also elected Dr.HABINEZA Frank as the party’s flag bearer [ Presidential candidate] in the upcoming presidential elections due in July 2024.

We are hopeful that 2024, will equally be a great year, we shall continue to prepare ourselves for the upcoming general elections. We shall unveil the new political program and manifesto in a few months to come and equally confirm the parliamentary candidates.

On behalf of Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, we wish to thank you all for supporting us and promoting democratic values and the wellbeing of Rwandans.

Please accept our best wishes to you and your families for a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year 2024.


President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda