Party Declaration: Expulsion from the Party of Mr.TUYISHIME Jean Deogratious and Mr.MUTABAZI Ferdinand | Rwanda
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Party Declaration: Expulsion from the Party of Mr.TUYISHIME Jean Deogratious and Mr.MUTABAZI Ferdinand

The Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda after getting advice from the Party’s Ethics and Disciplinary Committee on matters concerning acts of treachery and misconduct by:  Mr.TUYISHIME Jean Deogratious and Mr.MUTABAZI Ferdinand, whom have been harboring treacherous plans of destroying the party from within  by creating another political party, which they say they have resources and support from people outside the country. They have been mobilizing several party leaders to join them in those acts of treachery. It was evident that they are not men of integrity and have no values of the party as they have been breaching Party laws and the National Law Regulating Conduct of Politicians and Political Organizations as amended to-date, decided to Expel them from the Party with immediate effect.

It should be recalled that Mr.TUYISHIME Jean Deogratious was removed from the Party’s parliamentary candidates after the National Electoral Commission, presented a court-case  which had been submitted by several concerned citizens concerning  refusal to pay debts, abuse of law and lack of integrity.  He submitted a letter to the Electoral Commission resigning his candidature, one day before elections.  

Lack of integrity also applies to Mr.MUTABAZI Ferdinand whom in November last year staged a self-kidnap and enforced disappearance after failing to pay debts owed to his brother-in-law and wanted to politicize his disappearance and  blame it to national security organs and therefore cause a political conflict between the party and state organs. Green Party cadre fake kidnap claims exposed > IGIHE


The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, would also like to inform the public that the above mentioned no-longer hold any leadership position within party structures.

Done at Kigali, 24th October 2021


President, DGPR

Mutabazi Ferdinand
Tuyishime Jean Deogratious