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We, members of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, strongly condemn the statements made to different media houses by Mr.Charles KABANDA, Mr.Vincent NSHIMIRIMANA and Ms. Jean Marie Vianey KANTENGWA, who defected from the party on 22 April 2010.

We strongly condemn their statements, due to the following reasons :


Green Party meeting with the Ministry of Local Government officials

On the 24th March, 2010 the interim leaders of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda held a meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC), discussing issues related to the registration of The Green Party.


Inama hagati ya MINALOC na Green Party

None, kuwa gatatu, taliki ya 24/03/2010, abayobozi b’Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no Kurengera ibidukikije (Democratic Green Party of Rwanda) ar ibo Bwana Frank HABINEZA (Umuyobozi mukuru w’agateganyo) na Bwana Charles KABANDA (Umunyamabanga mukuru w’agateganyo) bahuye n’Intumwa za Minisiteri y’Ubutegetsi bw’Igihugu, Amajyambere Rusange n’Imibereho myiza y’Abaturage (MINALOC) aribo Bwana Fred MUFURUKI (Umuyobozi ushinzwe imiyoborere myiza na Bwana Oswald BURASANZWE (Umuyobozi ushinzwe amategeko).


African Greens Congress Report, 15-19 April, 2010, Kampala, Uganda


Report of the African Greens congress

15th-19th April, 2010, KAMPALA UGANDA

April 15th 2010


RWANDA : Political Space Is Needed Now

The Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties in Rwanda which brings together : The United Democratic Forces–Inkingi, The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Le Parti Social IMBERAKURI, is strongly disturbed with the warning Letter issued by the Minister of Local Government, Mr. James MUSONI, yesterday, 25th February 2010 to politicians and politicians to be in Rwanda.

The Hon. Minister is flogging a dead horse, what he is saying is common knowledge. We are law abiding citizens and are committed to respecting the Laws in place and the Constitution.


Rwandan Opposition political Parties have formed a “Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties”

In our endeavour to strengthen the democratic process in Rwanda, to bring the current regime to accept the right of every Rwandan citizen to enjoy his/her full political rights, to allow Rwandans make a choice between different political programmes and to choose a leader who will have convinced them that his political programme is viable and will deliver on its manifesto ;

In view of the many barriers, both legal and administrative, that the regime has put in place to prevent political parties from being formally registered ;


Security Threat to My Life, Requesting for Protection


B.P. 6334 Kigali, Tel : 078 85 630 39, Email :

25th February 2010

The Minister of Internal Security KIGALI, RWANDA

Dear Sir,

Re : Security Threat to My Life, Requesting for Protection.


Assassination plot to Rwanda Democratic Green Party President

Frank Habineza, who was physically threatened by an unknown person while at a Kigali Hotel known as Le Printemps admits having received this information but says he does not believe that this Government can do such a thing “I do not believe that RF can stoop so low by killing a person just simply because he/she has different views, but from what aim hearing anything is possible”


UMUSESO NEWSPAPER No.396.of 22nd -01 March 2010



Les Partis d’opposition au Rwanda ont formé un Conseil de concertation Permanente des Partis d’opposition

Désireux de renforcer l’essor démocratique de notre pays, de faire reconnaître le droit pour nos compatriotes d’exercer pleinement leurs droits politiques, de pouvoir confronter les différents projets de société afin de porter au pouvoir le parti politique et la personnalité qui aura pu les convaincre de la pertinence et de l’efficacité de son projet, Devant les nombreux obstacles administratifs et judiciaires dressés par le pouvoir en place afin d’empêcher les partis politiques de se faire enregistrer formellement,