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Summary of News items

DGPR Meeting
The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, takes on this moment to thank all party members, supporters, the media fraternity, Government of Rwanda, the International community, the Global Greens Family and the general public for the different support accorded to the party during 2015.The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda consolidated its gains from 2014 and achieved key milestones during 2015. We are hopeful that 2016 will be a year of greater achievements.DGPR has established party structures in 15... Read more
DGPR Chair votes
Rwandans have casted their votes in a national referendum aimed at maintaining the incumbent President to be elected for three more presidential terms. The National Electoral commission has announced victory for that constitutional change.The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda takes note of the referendum results. However, the manner in which the election was held did not guarantee a level playing field, since the cabinet issued a one-week short notice for the referendum to be conducted, this... Read more
Ishyaka Democratic Green Party of Rwanda rirahamagarira abayoboke baryo ndetse n’abanyarwanda muri rusange kuzatora OYA mu matora ya Referendum azaba kuwa 17-18/12/2015.Ishyaka Riharanira Demokarasi no Kurengera Ibidukikije mu Rwanda, ntabwo ryabonye umwanya uhagije wo kuzenguruka igihugu rihamagarira abanyarwanda gutora OYA, kubera uburyo Referendum yemejwe igitaraganya, ariko rikaba risaba abayoboke baryo ndetse n'abanyarwanda muri rusange, kuzatora OYA.Ishyaka Green Party  ryasuye komisiyo y... Read more
DGPR's President, addressing the media at the Supreme Court
The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, wishes to inform members of the media and the general public, that its planned constitutional referendum no-change campaign will not be carried out, due to the one-week short notice given for the referendum to be conducted.The Referendum was confirmed yesterday, 8th December 2015, by the cabinet meeting and will be held next week on Friday, the 18th December 2015.Today, the party consulted the National Electoral Commission, on the possibility of having the... Read more
Dr.Frank Habineza
The Chairman of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Dr.Frank Habineza, had an Interview on the BBC HARDtalk program on 2nd December 2015.The Interview was conducted by Ms.Zeinab Badawi, it covered a wide range of issues in Rwanda and one of the main messages was the respect of term limits, which will ensure peaceful transifer of power, which has not been witnesed in the last 100 years.The program can be followed from the following links:BBC HARDtalk full vedeo Interview: Read more
Green Party Leaders Worldwide
Two days before the Climate Summit in Paris, 40 presidents of Green parties from all continents launch a powerful call for action. With a joint statement to 'keep it below 2°C’ (the IPCC target for limiting climate change) and one concrete and workable proposal per green party, the presidents want to put the climate summit and its challenges in the spotlight.They declare in a joint statement the following: "The COP 21 summit in Paris has to be remembered as the summit where policy makers... Read more
Le drapeau du Parti DGPR
Jambo News basé en Belgique, a eu l'occasion d'interviewer le président du Parti démocratique vert du Rwanda sur de nombreuses questions concernant le parti et le pays. Ces questions concernent le changement de la constitution, Victoire Ingabire, Gen.Karenzi Karake, l'exil en Suède, etc.Frank Habineza est le président du seul parti politique reconnu au Rwanda qui milite contre une révision constitutionnelle qui permettrait à Paul Kagame de se représenter à des élections présidentielles.... Read more
Imbere y'urukiko rw'ikirenga
Ishyaka Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) ntiryishimiye ibyavuye mu matora ya Sena k’umushinga w’ivugurura ry’itegeko nshinga rya Repubulika y’u Rwanda kubera ko ntacyo Sena yahinduye ku ngingo y’172.Ibi bibaye nyuma yaho  kuwa kabiri, taliki ya 17/11/2015, inteko Ishinga amategeko umutwe wa Senat yemeje umushinga w’ivugurura ry’itegeko nshinga ikaba itaragize icyo ihindura ku ngingo y’172.Iyi ngingo ya 172 iha umuyobozi uzatorerwa mu mwaka wa 2017 amahirwe yo kwiyamamaza manda y’imyaka 7... Read more
DGPR's Flag
Kigali (17/11/2015): The Rwandan Senate has today finalised the revision of the constitution and adopted to keep two term limits, but left the contradicting Article 172, which allows a transitional term of seven years, before Article 101 could be implemented.  The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, finds this Article 172 a key challenge to peaceful transfer of power and sustainable peace and security. DGPR will therefore conduct a no change campaign when the referendum is confirmed.The... Read more
Democratic Green Party of Rwanda's Flag
The evidence of climate change is overwhelming around the continent. African states are requested to go with one voice and one position to the UN’s Conference on Climate Change in Paris, which is to demand climate justice for the African people. (In English and Spanish) Read more
DGPR President, Dr.Frank Habineza
Greens are part of the global movement building momentum for a safe climate. Rwanda Green Democrats will be in the global climate marches on 27-29 November, the weekend before COP21 begins. We will be at COP21 in Paris.  DGPR President, will be a key speaker  in the Global Greens webinar (online seminar) where Greens will come together and discuss what we are doing to tackle climate change.Speakers will include:Christine Milne (Global Greens Ambassador and formerly Leader of the Australian... Read more
Petition to Rwandan Parliament
The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda takes note of today's (29/10/2015) vote by the Rwandan Parliament on the draft constitution and especially on Article 101, regarding term limits. It’s good that the Parliament took notice of our request and accepted to reduce the term limits from 7 years to 5 years and also to maintain the term limits.This is a big victory on one hand and we congratulate them for that action. We are, however, surprised on the other-hand by the introduction of the new Article... Read more
Rwanda Supreme Court
Umwanzuro wa nyuma wu Rukiko rw'ikirenga mu rubanza Ishyaka Democratic Green Party of Rwanda ryarezemo Leta yu Rwanda, nkuko rwasomwe kuwa 8/10/2015.  Read more
DGPR Political Bureau meeting
On Saturday, 17th October 2015, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, successfully trained its political bureau members on participatory democracy, human rights and elections at Hotel Le Printemps in Kigali. Read more
Dr.Frank Habineza
Today, the 8th of October 2015, Rwanda’s Supreme Court, chaired by the Chief Justice, Prof.Sam RUGEGE, ruled in favour of changing the constitution in the case submitted by the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, vs the Government of Rwanda, regarding the non-lifting of Presidential Term Limits from the Constitution.According to Article 98 of the Rwandan Constitution, the President of the Republic is the Guardian of the Constitution and guarantor of national unity.The Democratic Green Party of... Read more
DGPR with Media
Green Party yasabye Urukiko guhagarika Komisiyo yashyizweho yo kuvugurura Itegeko Nshinga*Ijambo ‘NTA NA RIMWE’ rigaragara mu ngingo y’ 101 rifite icyo risobanuye; ni kirazira”*Mu bihugu duturanye; aho manda zahinduwe ibintu ntibyagenze neza”*Itegeko Nshinga ntirishyirirwaho umuntu; rishyirirwaho Repubulika”*Uruzitiro bashyize kuri iyi ngingo (101); uyu munsi si bwo bifuje ko rwagwa”*Izi ngingo (101 na 193) zirasobanutse keretse uwazisobanura abiganisha mu nyungu ze.Ibi ni bimwe mu bisobanuro... Read more
DGPR at the Supreme Court
Today, the 23rd of September 2015, Rwanda’s Supreme Court, chaired by the Chief Justice, Prof.Sam RUGEGE, started the full hearing of the case submitted by the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, regarding the non-lifting of Presidential Term Limits from the Constitution.The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, presented details on why it believes that the term limits of the President of the Republic, should not be changed or removed from the constitution.Article 101 of the Constitution, makes it... Read more
Dr.Frank Habineza, with the media after the court ruling
Today, the 9th September 2015, Rwanda’s Supreme Court ruled competent to try the case submitted by the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda vs State, against the constitutional change on lifting of Presidential Term Limits.The State defendants had challenged the Supreme Court’s competence to try this case and also submitted that the case had no value and substance. The Supreme Court has rejected all State submissions.The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda filed the lawsuit to the Supreme Court on 3rd... Read more
Dr.Frank Habineza
Ishyaka ‘The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda’, ritavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi, ryasabye Perezida Kagame kudasinya itegeko rishyiraho Komisiyo ishinzwe guhindura Itegeko Nshinga mbere y’uko umwanzuro w’Urukiko rw’Ikirenga utangazwa.Iri shyaka rivuga ko arisinye byateza ikibazo mu bijyanye n’amategeko mu gihe ikirego cyaryo kijyanye no kudahindura Itegeko Nshinga kikiri mu Rukiko rw’Ikirenga, umwanzuro ukaba uzafatwa ku itariki ya 9 Nzeli 2015.Green Party isabye ibi nyuma y’uko Kuwa 27 Kanama 2015... Read more
Ikigo Centre For Human Rights-Rwanda cyari gushyigikira Ishyaka Democratic Green Party of Rwanda mu urubanza iregamo Leta y’u Rwanda ku ivugururwa ry’itegeko Nshinga, aho Inteko Ishinga Amategeko yamaze kwemeza ishingiro ry’ubusabe bw’abaturage ku kuba Itegeko Nshinga ryavugururwa Perezida Kagame Paul akemererwa kwiyamamaza cyavanywe mu rubanza.Iri shyaka ryari rishyigikiwe muri uru rubanza n’ikigo giharanira iyubahirizwa ry’uburenganzira bwa muntu mu Rwanda (Centre for Human Rights –Rwanda-CHR... Read more